Marton, Ladislaus (Laslo)

Marton, Ladislaus (Laslo)
b. 15 August 1901 Budapest Hungary
Hungarian physicist, pioneer of the development and practical application of the electron microscope.
He studied and obtained his degree at Zurich in 1924 and undertook research there until 1925, when he moved to Budapest to work at the Tungsram Lamp Company. He moved to the University of Brussels in 1928, and during the ensuing ten years was involved in the construction and development of a focusing electron microscope. With the second of these he was able to take micrographs of cells in 1932 and of a bacterium in 1937.
In 1941 he moved to the USA to work with Radio Corporation of America (RCA).
Principal Honours and Distinctions
International Union Against Cancer Medal 1938. Verhagen Medical, Brussels 1947. US Department of Commerce Gold Medal 1955.
1947, Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics.
1957, Methods of Experimental Physics.
1968, Early History of the Electron Microscope.
Further Reading
Watt, 1984, Principles and Practice of Electron Microscopy, Cambridge. M.Hayat, 1973–80, Principles and Techniques of Electron Microscopy.

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